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Cordero was raised in the Peoria Pine District. He attended Peoria's public schools and studied nonprofit leadership and business management at ASU, then worked at Valley of the Sun United Way before studying law, science and technology at ASU Law. Learn more about why Cordero is the strongest advocate for improving pine: Why Cordero?

Learn About Cordero's Platform for a Better Peoria

Cordero's platform for a better Peoria is about protecting and empowering its residents, organizations, and businesses to build a better community together.  Read about it here. 



Having a safer community can make the difference between life and death for you or your family. A powerful indicator of community safety is local, fatal crash statistics, which provide us insight into the conditions of our roads, effectiveness of our licensing and educational measures and, perhaps most critically, it offers insight into the adequacy and effectiveness of our first responders. In 2018, Arizona had its worst year for fatal crashes in over a decade, with dozens of individuals killed in Peoria.

As councilmember for Pine, Cordero will make improving overall public safety a top priority for Peoria, especially because safety issues are personal to Cordero. In 2019 and 2017, traffic-related tragedies in Arizona resulted in the death of two of his closest family members. Cordero will bring experts together to assess and improve public safety.  He will work to ensure that police and fire are properly resourced, and that our streets are properly lit, designed, and maintained to reduce the chance of harm to residents.


Better and more accessible educational opportunities lead to greater economic security and protection of individual rights. In today's digital economy, with automation and other rapid changes on the rise, education and re-education are important topics to address to ensure that Peoria's residents are prepared for changes that will soon affect us all. Consequently, programs must be reviewed and rolled out to a broader group of residents and those game-changing technologies being created beyond Peoria's border yet being implemented here, must be reviewed to not disproportionately impact or discriminate against our residents of Peoria; this also applies to upcoming laws and ordinances that if enacted or as applied may violate your constitutional rights.  

As councilmember for Pine, Cordero will ensure that Peoria is looking at practical ways to improve the well-being of residents through increasing programs for residents that focus on economic security as well as digital literacy and safety, such as tools for avoiding identify theft, online scams, and more. Cordero will also review the impacts of upcoming technologies and laws on Peoria's residents and seek to  work with lawmakers and officials to strike a balance and protect the rights and interests of our residents in Pine.


Peoria is rich in its diversity of individuals, businesses, and organizations. When communities  leverage each other's strengths and different points of view, they are more compelling and stronger communities to be a part of. Apathy and ever-increasing, competing priorities often erode community involvement and engagement. Peoria needs to address these issues for the betterment of our community and electorate going forward.  

As councilmember for Pine, Cordero will meaningfully engage with all constituents in the community. This means making himself easily and equally accessible to all, as well as utilizing multiple ways to communicate about important issues and events in Peoria. 

WHY CORDERO for Peoria CITY Council?

Because Cordero has a great history of local leadership in Peoria and is the best candidate to lead the Pine district into the future. Below you can read more about Cordero and how living in Peoria has helped shape him into a successful lawyer, businessman, and advocate for his community and its residents.


In late 2018, Cordero had lunch with the late Peoria Pine District's councilmember, Carlo "Rocky" Leone, and this conversation over Dillon's BBQ, among other things, led to Cordero's desire to continue Rocky's legacy of strong leadership that has been demonstrated for so many years in the Pine district. 

Cordero Delgadillo was born in Arizona and raised in Peoria's Pine District, serving his community in various ways over three decades. 

Cordero attended elementary school in the Peoria Pine District's elementary schools, including Sun Valley and Country Meadows. He attended Peoria HS where he was voted into the role of Varsity Swim Captain his freshman year, and during his final year at PHS represented Peoria Unified School District with two other classmates, winning first place national honors against 230 other teams of students for the competition, Entrepreneurship, at the National Leadership Conference hosted by the career-technical-education program, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA-PBL). 

At Arizona State University, Cordero attended the College of Public Service & Community Solutions (formerly the College of Public Programs) and through its School of Community Resources and Development focused his studies on Nonprofit Leadership & Management and Business. As part of his degree program Cordero, volunteered hundreds of hours for local nonprofits, assisting in program development, implementation, and review of outcomes, including for the local nonprofit, Greater Phoenix Youth At Risk Foundation. While at ASU, Cordero continued his involvement with FBLA-PBL and was appointed to represent the states of Arizona, Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington as the PLB Western Region Vice President. He managed communications, student leadership conferences, and lobbied Congress to continue funding career-technical educational programs, such as Future Teachers of America, Future Farmers of America, and other such programs that enhance the value of education for Arizonans. Following ASU, Cordero worked at Valley of the Sun United Way, which is a local nonprofit serving and supporting individuals and health and human services organizations in our Arizona community. 

In 2014, Cordero became a licensed lawyer after graduating from ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law with honors and certifications in Law, Science and Technology. Cordero has since worked at a large law firm, a small cybersecurity firm, and now co-manages a growing legal practice in Arizona: www.sublimelawfirm.com. Cordero has advocated passionately for his clients, winning thousands of dollars and defeating many frivolous claims. He's reviewed large complex technology transactions, data transfers, and managed cybersecurity incidents and privacy issues on behalf of Fortune 500s and startups alike. Despite the rigors of the law, Cordero remains empathetic and caring, demonstrating this through offering substantial legal services on a pro bono basis, so much so as to be honored by admission in 2016 to Missouri's Pro Bono Wall of Fame for hundreds of hours of free legal services, primarily while setting up free legal clinics and other services for residents of impoverished communities. 

Cordero has the capacity to think differently about issues and dive deep into the weeds for competent analysis on a broad range of topics, always with a solution-oriented perspective. Because of all these reasons and more, Cordero will strongly and competently lead his hometown of Peoria with passion and compassion, advocating for the best interests of his constituents in Pine at all times.    


Please share your ideas and concerns about your community with Cordero.

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